Country music touches our hearts

English Language being universal, stays unmatched in its vocabulary content.   The spread and diversity of English speakers across the globe added their local jargon to English, assimilated well.  The assimilation extended to the music world.  However,  for music lovers, this led to ecstasy as well agony.  Many cacophonic words and syllables in the name of lyrics have crept into some forms of western music.  Amidst such chaos, cool n pleasant country music by rock bands continues to please music lovers.  

Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles kelley known as Lady Antebellum, makers of one of the most popular chartbusters “Own the Night” served up another collection of melodious country numbers “Friday Night”, “Just a Kiss”, “We own the night”, “As you turn away”, and others.  

Here is the most popular  “We own the Night” by Lady Antebellum, as sweet as ever.  It is relatable and is straight from the heart.  Lyrics are simple to understand and increase the beauty of English Language.


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