HOLY WATER : god gave it from skies to the mankind! Science also proves!


tidal wave:


a waterfall:


The Mystery; 

How planet earth has so much water?

The mystery deepens considering that earth formed as a very hot planet like Venus or Mercury.  The periodic rains/snowfall  can only partially explain.   Well, all along, the religions were  saying that it is the almighty who has given us this spectacular downpour of water from skies.  Now, scientific studies also support this belief.

Herschel Mission:

Herschel is a European Space Agency cornerstone mission launched in 2009, carrying science instruments provided by consortia of European institutes and with Technical Collaboration of NASA.


The findings:

The mission has detected for the first time cold water vapor enveloping a dusty disk around a young star.


The star with this waterlogged disk, called TW Hydrae, is 10 million years old and located about 175 light-years away from Earth, in the constellation Hydra. This disk, which is poised to develop into a solar system, contains great quantities of water, suggesting that water-covered planets like Earth may be common in the universe.


“Our observations of this cold vapor indicate enough water exists in the disk to fill thousands of Earth oceans,” said astronomer Michiel Hogerheijde of Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands, the lead author of the findings. As the new solar system evolves, icy comets are likely to deposit much of the water they contain on freshly created worlds through impacts, giving rise to oceans.

Further evidences:

Herschel Space Observatory measured  that comet Hartley 2 of distant Kuiper Belt  contains water with the same chemical signature as Earth’s oceans. This remote region of the solar system, some 30 to 50 times as far away as the distance between Earth and the sun, is home to icy, rocky bodies including Pluto, other dwarf planets and innumerable comets.

“Our results with Herschel suggest that comets could have played a major role in bringing vast amounts of water to an early Earth,” said Dariusz Lis, senior research associate in physics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “This finding substantially expands the reservoir of Earth ocean-like water in the solar system to now include icy bodies originating in the Kuiper Belt.”


Herschel detected the signature of vaporized water in this coma and Hartley 2 possessed half as much “heavy water” as other comets analyzed to date.  Astronomers had concluded that the contribution by comets to Earth’s total water volume stood at approximately 10 percent. The new results, however, point to Kuiper Belt comets bringing much larger volumes of water to earth.

The Significance:

Astronomers believe there are many stars similar to TW Hydrae with waterlogged discs.  And there are many planets in this universe.   Result:  This Universe is full of planets with  seas. And no other chemical supports formation of life like water.

So…there are many earthlike planets brimming with life in this universe.  Only incredible distances are preventing in between……..  Be that…

What will be the next finding!

Night lights on alien planet (NASA publication 2015):


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