lit the fuse

Fledgling relationships require constant reinforcements, you should give more before you expect more from your prospective lover.  Celebrities are no exception however desirable or sought after they are.  This basic rule often is  ignored by them and break ups are more common for them than patch ups.

Nicole Scheringer, the Pussycat Dolls baby seems to be handling her relationship well and endears herself to all her admirers by rekindling her romance with Lewis Hamilton,   She split with this F1 driver recently after a four year old relationship.  The gal wanted a family but the guy proved to be a chicken ending in a Turkey. Lewis seems eternally busy with foreign trips every other week.  They keep in touch over Skype.

But now they plan to spend some “proper time” together to give their relationship another try. Now that the fuse is lit once again, let us hope the crisis of the hearts is defused.  We want to see a refreshed Nicole once again.  This will make her give out the best of music.  And the admirers will benefit.

Want to see this prodigal singer and find out?


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