2012: The Real Alien Space Jockey in Mayan Transits of Venus

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Lord Pakal Ahau's Maya Diaries

Sometimes there is a blurred line between fantasy and reality as it happens in the new Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movie, soon to be released on June 2012.

In an old post of our Mayan diaries, we discussed in an article entitled, “We Are Doomed With Mortal Alien Invasion In 2012”, the remote possibility of an alien predators invasion. In the article, we included a solar disk with a space jockey observing space and alien exoplanets.

This time we include an update from a real Mayan mural photograph we got this year from the Mayapan Observatory, in which the similarities are profound as the real Space Jockey observing Venus transits as they happened.

In the diagram below, we make a comparison between figures and we traced with green lines on the detail of a painted panel at the Fresco Hall showing a descending character, sumptuously dressed, in the interior of a…

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