AAA6 My Astronomy Course continued. Plus extra points.

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Wednesday, 16th May, 2,012






My New Astronomy Course.(AAA6)


How to get the proper and EXACT distance to the heavenly bodies and fields.


Plus some extra points on other subjects.










Re-capping on what I said before: To get the distance to an astronomy object – simply apply the formula: You take the square root of the product of magnitudes times velocities. Apparent magnitudes x Radial velocities. But first you need to multiply the velocities by 1.25 – because vels go up in 2’s only,while mags go up in 2.5’s.(For masses, do the same thing, but go by Arithmetic Mean – The Sum of apparent magnitudes(v) + radial velocities(rv), – and divide the combination by two(2).)




You also need to divide the velocities by FIVE(5).(To bring mags and vels into some digital…

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