Bass-ackwards Big Bang Brainchild: Big Bulldust Blobs Beget Black-hole’s: Blazars Boil Bright Beam’s Biddy Bits

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From the Academy of Ad Hoc Apologies Heidelburg Institute of Theoretical Studies via comes news that long standing problems with Big Bang cosmology have been solved by a supercomputer simulation model. Scientists are “surprised” by the match between their simulation of the imaginary heating effect of the emission of gamma rays from ‘black holes’ (Earth directed ones have been named ‘Blazars’)  and the observed spectra of quasars. 

Physorg takes up the story:

Every galaxy hosts a supermassive black hole at its center. Such black holes can emit high-energy gamma rays and are then called blazars. Whereas other radiation such as visible light and radio waves traverses the universe without problems, this is not the case for high-energy gamma rays. This particular radiation interacts with the optical light that is emitted by galaxies, transforming it into the elementary particles electrons and positrons. Initially, these elementary particles move almost at the speed of light. But as they are slowed down by…

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