Space, discovered a super-earth

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55 Cancri is a double star approximately 41 light-years far from earth and a little bit smaller than sun. 55 Cancri A is the biggest of his system, instead 55 Cancri B is a red dwarf. This two stars are separated from 1.000 Astronomic Units (AU) that is something like 150 billions of kilometers.

Nowadays are known 5 planets orbiting around 55 Cancri A: two of this have a mass comparable to that of Jupiter, other 2 have the half of that of Saturn, instead the most centered (only 2,4 millions of kilometers from the star) is named 55 Cancri E, and is defined a “Super-earth”. This name comes from his size and environment. 55 Cancri E doubles our earth in size and density, has also 8 times his mass.

Nasa’s spacecraft “Spitzer” has found in this days for the first time a light coming from this super-earth, that appears…

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