The Next Solar Eclipse – The Beginning of the End?

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It is no wonder that in many countries and throughout history solar eclipses have been viewed with dread.
Tamara Andrews wrote in her book Dictionary of Nature Myths that the solar eclipse was immensely frightening to just about all ancient cultures.
The “Long Count” calendar was implemented by the Maya to document past and future events.

What’s more, The French philosopher Nostradamas made predictions with regards to the year 2012 in which massive destruction would be caused by “in the sky a great fire dragging a fire of sparks”.
” The expression “.
” is not really clear, but an eclipse is able to only transpire with the sun as well as the moon.

This quatrain fits with Century III, quatrain 34, which describes the “monster” that will appear or happen during a solar eclipse: “Then when the eclipse of the sun will be in broad daylight the monster will…

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