Voyager delegacy discloses facts about humanity

Voyager mission discloses facts about humanity in interstellar space

Voyager mission  completed a eleven billion naut mi journey from earth and crossed  heliosheath, a region in space where the intensity of charged particles from beyond our solar system increases.  Humanity’s offset emissary to interstellar space is thereby hybridization the outer limits of  our solar system!

The following are the symbols, images, relics and memorabilia about earth, earthlings and the solar system Voyager mission has been carrying into interstellar distances!  These dissemble like time capsule in deep space for at least hundreds of years to stay place to and in that respect is no way we can redeem them now!

voyager mission discloses

NASA’s Pioneer 10 and eleven spacecraft, got this prime disclosure design made on atomic number ilxxx anodized aluminium denture. The denture was criticized for unabashed exposure of humans as well as the location and timing of spacecraft establish!

Voyager Golden Record

 NASA gets more explicit with Voyager ane and 2 launched in 1977. In a well designed time capsule of sounds and one hundred fifteen images, music and spoken greetings too are ensconced. The register actor records are hopefully well preserved after withstanding vagaries of space journey! Advanced civilizations can listen what the sounds intend even without visiting earth! thus, snooping on our communications is possible.We told how we sprightliness, our cultural differences and how we communicate stellar years ahead!

number definitions

basal maths for advanced alien civilisations?

basic maths

This denotes how we calculate and compute as well as the basics of our mathematical assumptions! Nothing real about scientific achievements would be revealed by these kind of denotions!


GPS like navigation to earth

 Images of (clockwise from upper left) Mercury, Earth, Jupiter and Mars. We indicated the GSM map like tract to earth! in that respect will be barely an confusion   for aliens  in the event they choose to locate earth among many earthlike planets of our coltsfoot!

<img class="size-ful

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