HIV spread by mosquito

Why Can’t Mosquitoes cause HIV Spread  

As we all know that syringe needles (which were used to take out the blood samples) which are not properly sterilized is one of the means of HIV spread from person to person.

The doubt here arises “if syringe needle can cause HIV spread, why can’t the mosquito, which feeds on human blood?”

Earlier many scientists have conducted studies on this argument and came out with results. Their results indicated that the mosquito is not a means of HIV spread. The reasons and logic given are as below:

Mosquito Bite Process:


Mosquito pierces the skin of man through its needle for blood.  There are two tubes present in mosquito namely labrum and labium respectively which are responsible for suction and injection of liquid fluids.  Labium helps in the injection of saliva which contains anti-coagulants which prevent blood to clot and Labrum is a feeding pipe through which mosquito sucks the human blood. The mosquito ejects saliva through labium and sucks the blood through labrum.  Here, HIV enters into its stomach along with the human blood and gets digested, as it cannot withstand the power of digestive enzymes of mosquito. In the case of various disease causing bacteria like malaria, etc, the parasites can withstand the power of the digestive enzymes for 9-12 days and get multiplied to a large number easily.

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